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Major Escorts has the client interest at heart. Our platform is simple to go through. With the finest ladies, with stunning profiles right in front of you. What you see is what you get. We are a certified platform, dealing with legal and straightforward deals in your favor. From here you can see the names of the escorts. For an example, some of our escorts can go with the name "Diana". The names identify the ladies. Something you can start with while calling to book a specific girl.

Lady escorts are the best, with their interest to serve the society. They provide for the most essential need. Whether sexual or not sexual they come showing love and care. Since 2011 escort hiring was made official to sooth the interest of the client, with laws formulated to govern the escort hiring procedure to provide high class, beautiful and wonderful ladies of standards.

The ladies working as escorts are amazing.They all come out of self will, none out of force.We encourage this in order to maintain the friendly interactive mood between the client and our escorts.No one wants a grumpy lady for an escort.

Age is a defining factor. Some gentlemen will prefer older ladies while others prefer younger once. Our escorts provide their age based on their birth date in order to prevent cheats or any false information. Depending on your desired companion all ages are available.

Once you are assigned an escort, it is her responsibility to take good care of you. Escorts have been empowered to take their clients as their personal companion.They can treat you like a king, tackle those tired back muscles with a message and make you have the best getaway ever.

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Major Escorts Covers Most Popular Locations In London

London is the capital city of England, flourishing with eye-catching beauty with most people visiting from time to time. Most people come for business, while some will come for pleasure and adventure.No matter your quest, you require to have the best memorable time of your life. An experience that you would want to share with your friends while taking a cup of tea or during another gateway. Everybody deserves to have fun. What about that fancy place you wanted to go?

The streets may seem deserted but it does not mean you have to follow on the same path of loneliness. We offer full customer satisfaction to all our client regardless of your location in London. Operating 24 hours a day, you can go ahead and book your escort earlier. Whether a Londoner or not, the process is still the same.

Take your experience to the next level.

Looking for an escort can take you ages, especially if you are not well connected with the area around. Plus the risk of getting the wrong kind of person is very high. Some end up being robbed or on the wrong side of the law without having any idea. When it comes to girls, one can easily slip no matter the strength of your wallet.

The are various locations we offer from this platform to rescue you from losing a dim, from the back end of the story.

The locations are secure and ideal for anyone of age looking for a trustworthy escort.

Baker Street

Baker Street is located in Marylebone district in Westminster city, London. Rich in diversity the street is well known for the fictional Sherlock homes office.with a variety of hotels that offer hospitality, to sooth the high-end lifestyle. It is also known for the amazing cafes and restaurants that offer French food. A perfect place to chill with our escorts and enjoy the night light.

A perfect place lay low and have an escort by your side while enjoying London.


Bayswater is an area in Westminster, with wonderful hotels. A perfect getaway and also the best location to get the best escorts. Most of our prolific escort have preferred this location among many others.

Earls Court

Among the most respected districts in London is the Earl Court. Here is where one can enjoy the luxury of some British beer without a sweat. Not forgetting the perfect location for some amazing escorts. In addition to the escorts, the district provides a perfect professional environment.Everything is done in a precise manner in your favor.


Most of the finest restaurants 5star rated are located in knight bridge. Located south of Hyde Park, West London. There is no better place to have the best escorts right at your doorstep.

Notting Hill

This is another location for some amazing escorts is the Notting Hill. Notting Hill is well known for it ravishing casual cafes not forgetting the reliable market.


Paddington and many other locations including Queensway and Royal Oak, serving as our main hot spots for a beautiful escort. Paddington is known for its unique taste.Our Agency is the best, well know all over Europe.

Booking Process

Major Escorts operate on private deals, you don't have to worry about your private details licking out the social network. We understand that you may require a private encounter something for your own personal gain.

Online bookings have spiced up things, providing an opening to anyone in London or coming to London. With just a single phone call, we will have our escorts coming your way.

The are various arrangements to choose from, based on the capability of your pocket. Well, the VIP is the most expensive and exciting to have around. Their company uplifts not only your reputation but also your personal perspective on escorts. Patience is a key weapon, they will handle you with care, give you their ears, help you relax and fulfill your heart's desire.